About the Author


My story is an odd one and, likely, worthy of a book of its own. The highlights will have to go here. I’m a mother of three wonderful (and sometimes crappy) kiddos. I live in the Pacific Northwest where I went to school at the University of Washington and earned a degree in English, Creative Writing. I spent many years using that degree to homeschool my kids, freelance product reviews and feel bad about the fact that I wasn’t doing more with my life. Until one day….and isn’t that the best beginning?

I was inspired by the phoenix and chose to rise up from the place of unhappiness where I sat. That crazy journey led me to a lot of places, but the best one was right here. While accomplishing a lifelong dream, Phoenix Rising was born. I am currently learning more about this author thing, seeking an agent and doing my darndest to get my first novel published.

Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs, but it’s all about the ride. Don’t you dare cover your eyes…