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Phoenix Rising, Book #1 (Currently Querying)

When her parents disappear, 13 year-old Vivian’s life begins to unfold. The pieces of her past and the history of her parents begin to come together as she stumbles across a collection of mythical creatures that she never knew existed. From fairies and myth to fact and folklore, Vivian is introduced to RISE, the Regulation for Integration of the Special and Extraordinary. An agency founded and headed by the Phoenix race.  It is quickly obvious that her parents are in hot water with the Association and wanted for crimes she can’t believe they’d ever commit. Are her parents in league with the bad guys? Two of the agencies oldest and best operatives are being accused of acting as double agents intent on bringing down the association.

Unsure who to believe, and still desperate to find her parents, she is quickly thrust into the life of a Phoenix and a member of RISE.  Pursuing her past and unlocking the agency’s secrets is the only way she will find her parents and clear their names.   Allies and enemies pop up in strange places. With the help of her old friend, a few new ones (including the son of her enemy), and a fiery haired fairy name Scarlet, Vivian will set out on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.

As she understands her heritage she will begin to understand herself. She will be forced to face her true identity, a dangerous, but wonderful combination of vengeful fire and loving light. She will save her parents, clear their name and, in the process, find herself.

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Aflame, Book #2

Vivian is still trying to figure out how she fits into this new world of mythology and magic. Having uncovered her parent’s secrets, now she’s not sure she wants to have anything to do with the crazy world they’d been hiding from her. Unfortunately, the folks at RISE have a different idea. With her parent’s out of the spy game, someone will need to take their place.

Everyone thinks that should be her and they want her back quick, fast, and in a hurry. There’s a new bad guy in town. Poseidon, the king of the ocean, is looking for the lost key and, since she’s the one who lost it, it’s up to her to find it first. If the power-hungry water king gets his hands on the key he’ll wield it’s power and flood the earth so he can take control of the world.

With the help of her friends and a few land loving mermaids, Vivian will need to travel from the city streets of Tokyo to the deepest depths of the ocean to search out the key of light. Can she stay ahead of Poseidon, help the mermaid resistance and, finally, bring the key to safety?